Kerstin Florian - Natural, clean and organic skincare with wild crafted ingredients.

Product Facts



– what does this mean for us (Kerstin Florian)? Give example of all natural products.

The health-giving benefits of nature are the foundation of Kerstin Florian products, which blend natural plant actives with cosmeceutical ingredients to deliver a beautiful daily skincare experience with immediate and long-term results. We formulate with the highest respect for quality and authenticity while providing products that are both safe and effective. The European-inspired line utilizes abundant and sustainable natural resources with formulas that are rich in algae, thermal mineral water, mud, herbal extracts, organic essential oils, antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals. To maximize safety, purity and efficacy, all Kerstin Florian products are refined through research and advanced technology using methods that maintain the natural integrity of ingredients to combine the best of nature and science.


– How do we choose and find our ingredients? How can they be obtained and how can they differ? What does it mean when an ingredient is organic? What does wild crafted mean? How do we insure a high quality on the ingredients that we choose?

We have long-standing relationships with respected experts and trusted suppliers to source only the highest-quality ingredients that are safe, healthy and effective to achieve the skincare results our customers seek.
At its essence, organic simply means natural and derived from plant sources - in other words, not chemically or otherwise unnaturally altered.

According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), “organic” means produced without the use of synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, ionizing radiation or pesticides.

Wildcrafted means a plant that has been sustainably harvested from its natural habitat, rather than mass produced or farmed. As such, climate or environmental events such as drought or storms can sometimes affect their availability.
Many ingredients that have the same name can differ widely in terms of quality, sustainability, availability and efficacy, which is why our history with trusted sources is such a valuable asset to the consistent quality of Kerstin Florian products.


– what is an organic product? What authority controls this market? What do you have to fulfill to market your product as organic. Which KF products are classified as organic? Will there be more?

In the US, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines and oversees “organic” products, which they define as produced without the use of synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, ionizing radiation or pesticides.

There are 3 classifications the USDA allows for use of the term “organic”:

100% organic – must contain only organically produced ingredients and cannot be produced using synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, ionizing radiation or any other excluded methods.

Organic – must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients and cannot be produced using synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, ionizing radiation or any other excluded methods.

Made with Organic Ingredients – must contain at least 70% organically produced ingredients.

In the U.S., the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has oversight over labeling claims, compliance and product safety for cosmetics in general, including those labeled organic.

Eight Kerstin Florian Essentials Skin and Body Care oils are currently 98% USDA certified organic, and we are proud to be able to say that all new products and the majority of existing products achieve our corporate goal of at least 85% natural ingredients in keeping with our commitment to health, sustainability, safety and efficacy.


– Can the water be different in cosmetic product? What water do we use in Kerstin Florian products and why is this important?

Water is essential to skin health and, as such, a crucial component of skincare formulations. Water can vary widely in terms of content, source and purity. All water used in Kerstin Florian products is purified using reverse osmosis to remove unwanted molecules, ions and particles, including bacteria, leaving behind only beneficial elements and trace minerals according to strict manufacturing guidelines. In addition, the Kerstin Florian products that are made in Switzerland use water from the Swiss Alps, one of the purest and healthiest sources of water on the planet. The result is water with maximum purity and optimal form.


– Why is this important? What products need preservatives? What does the law say? What preservatives do we use and why?

Preservatives are meant to literally “preserve” a product as closely to its original state as possible, even after being opened and used over a period of time. Preservatives are critical to providing safety, as well as value, convenience and results, to our customers. All of our formulas are rigorously tested at multiple times throughout the production process, as well as after usage and in adverse conditions, to be sure they remain safe and effective for a minimum of the required three year period and some beyond. In keeping with our dedication to natural ingredients, we strive to use natural preservatives where possible that inhibit contamination or expiration as well as maximize the usable life of a product to ensure the highest level of safety and satisfaction for our customers. We use the minimum amount of preservatives necessary to protect the products.


– Why do we use color in our products, what type do we use and in which products?

All of our skincare and the vast majority of our body care products are perfectly suited to their purposes while also visually appealing without the need for added color. Like texture and aroma, appearance is a powerful part of a product’s experiential identity. The handful of Kerstin Florian body care products that do contain small amounts of non-toxic, food-grade colors do so to align their usage impression with the spa experience so elemental to their purpose. It is unlikely we will add color to product formulations in the future.


– What different types of perfume can you usually find in cosmetic products? Which do we use and why? When it say Parfume on the INCI-list – what does that mean?

Per INCI labeling requirements and guidelines, the word “parfum” in an ingredient listing can either signify, as is the case with Kerstin Florian products, a combination of naturally-derived or synthetic fragrances. Many cosmetic and skincare products on the market contain fragrance components, whether natural or synthetic, to enhance the user experience as well as to camouflage any unpleasant aroma inherent to its base. Completely natural fragrances are listed as “essential oil blend” in ingredient listings.

Aroma is a part of the spa experience that has become inextricably intertwined with the Kerstin Florian heritage and further elevates the use of our products to a multi-sensory level. Most of our products are fragranced with natural essential oils. In some cases, we use a partially natural and partially synthetic fragrance to obtain the stability and aroma appeal we are looking for. When it comes to fragrance, we focus on making sure the allergen content is low and within an acceptable range for sensitivity. The responsible use of fragrance allows Kerstin Florian to infuse the iconic scents of our incomparable spa treatments into the customer experience regardless of location.


– Which do we use and why?

Emulsifiers allow various ingredients in a formula to blend cohesively, as well as adding depth, texture and ease of dispersion to the final product. When choosing an emulsifier, a key consideration is that it be compatible and stable with other ingredients in a formula. We strive to use emollients derived from coconut oil or other natural sources to create the most efficacious result as naturally as possible.


Dedication to quality and efficacy is intricately woven into the Kerstin Florian heritage and corporate culture. Regardless of geographic location, our facilities formulate and produce products to our exacting standards for ingredients, performance and environmental impact. Our formulation philosophy is guided by a combination of assessing and addressing client skincare needs and concerns; continually investigating and discovering revolutionary and breakthrough natural ingredients to address those concerns; and developing products that improve skin health and consistently achieve visible, sustainable results.