The 4 Cornerstones

To support a wellness-based lifestyle and to achieve healthy-looking skin, we encourage four core practices you can incorporate into your daily life: Proper Nutrition, Regular Exercise, Peace of Mind and Care of the Face & Body.


Proper Nutrition

The first step to inner health.

We encourages proper nutrition with whole food smoothie recipes and demonstrations, yoga workshops and healthful lifestyle tips.

Nutrients in our products nourish your body’s largest organ – your skin – from the outside in.



Regular Exercise

Care for your body, and it will take care of you.

Regular exercise increases circulation and oxygen intake, reduces stress, depression and toxicity, and enhances immune response and well-being.

Post-workout massage and body care are critical elements in the fitness continuum.



Peace of Mind

Emphasize balance, minimize stressors.

Peace of mind comes from balance, participating in activities that bring us joy, interacting with nature, being present and engaged, meditation and positive thinking, and sensory experiences.

Internal peace and a caring spirit is reflected in outer beauty.



Care of Face & Body

Nourish your skin and body from the outside in.

Care of face and body is critical to wellness as skin is both barrier and gateway to the inner body.

Healthy-looking skin is supported by incorporating these core practices into your daily life and following a simple skincare regimen with beneficial ingredients.