KFI Spa Management AB is acquiring the international company Kerstin Florian International

It is with great joy I now inform you KFI Spa Management AB is acquiring the international company Kerstin Florian International. With the acquisition the development of the brand and the global business going forward, will be controlled from Sweden. Both companies will work close together, and we will enhance our position as one of the most distinguished skin care lines on the global spa market.

Helena Carlsson, CEO & Owner

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Kosmetikk no. 4 2021

The norweigan magazine Kosmetikk writes an article about KFI Spa Management AB acquiring the international company Kerstin Florian International.

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Kerstin Florian to be Honored with ISPA’s 2020 Visionary Award

The International SPA Association (ISPA) is pleased to announce Kerstin Florian as the 2020 ISPA Visionary Award winner.

“Kerstin has set the standard for innovation and vision for the spa industry,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “This award is a testament to the dedication and passion she has displayed during her career, and we are honored to have her as a part of the ISPA community.”

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ANDA - Organic Skincare 2.0

"The new Swedish, organic skincare line ANDA from Kerstin Florian is more – more heartfelt and also well-thought-out than any products or treatments we, up until now, are used to. Now the focus is not only on the outside, it is about turning yourself inwards creating your own Blissful moment.”

Voyage, Jan 2020

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Fantastic interview with Kerstin

Insider’s guide to Spas have published a fantastic interview with Kerstin telling her story and how she helped to set the standard for resort spas in USA during the 1980’s. A standard that spread to our latitudes.

- On Spiritual Beauty with Kerstin Florian -

Insider’s guide to Spas, October 2019

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