Sustainability Statement

We are committed to a long-term strategy for sustainability in all that we do through product development, packaging and making responsible business choices each day. Sustainability has always been a key driver for decision making at Kerstin Florian. Our sustainability efforts include:


  • A 50% reduction of outer carton packaging over the last two years
  • Incorporation of glass bottles where possible
  • Recyclable packaging and components
  • Recyclable paper from certified sustainable forests for outer retail carton packaging
  • Carbon Neutral Printing. Reduces greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) emissions; decreases the use of raw materials, shipping and energy consumption and helps reduce toxic waste
  • Recyclable/biodegradable packing materials
  • Reduction of printed product brochures and materials. Corporate and brand brochures will be made available for online viewing in 2014


Product Development

  • Using wildcrafted, natural and organic ingredients
  • Partnering with suppliers who are mindful of the importance of green and sustainable practices


Corporate Office

  • Educate our staff and partners about the benefits of sustainability
  • Corporate recycling program of all paper, bottles, cans, packing materials and cartons
  • Using environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  • Active members of the Green Spa Network


KFI Spa Management is ISO certified within environmental and quality, ISO 14001 and 9001
Do you like to know more about our sustainability statement - please contact us