Climate and environmental changes during winter months can depress cell function and turnover, leaving skin dry, dull and lifeless. Turn to this dynamic duo, even for sensitive winter skin, to restore your complexion to healthy radiance! ANDA Enzyme Serum-Masque exfoliates without the scrub. Its powerful yet gentle superfruit enzymes rid skin of dulling debris for visibly improved texture, evenness and glow. NEW ANDA Super Crème combines caviar lime, alfalfa and microalgae to wrap skin in soothing revitalizing moisture enhanced with gentle refining action. Layer the two together and leave on overnight to awaken to soft, smooth, bright skin with every use.


Replenish and beautify skin at the same time with Kerstin Florian Beauty. Following your moisturizer with Luminizing CC Crème eller Skin Renewing Foundation literally finishes what our skincare starts. Infused with age-defying, skin-healthy botanicals like snow mushroom and Persian silk tree, these buildable formulas not only blur imperfections and provide a flawless, radiant finish with your desired level of coverage, but they improve the health and function of your skin, boost hydration and diminish fine lines. The same goes for eyes. More than camouflage, following eye crème with Brightening Concealer visibly minimizes dark circles, discoloration and puffiness both immediately and cumulatively with continued use.



Replenish yourself in an at-home spa experience with another dynamic duo of Kerstin Florian favorites: Mineral Wellness Soak with Eucalyptus and Organic Ginger Bath & Body Oil. A warm bath helps increase metabolism and circulation during colder temperatures. Combining the moisturizing and muscle-soothing benefits of organic oils and ginger with the joint and respiratory relief of eucalyptus and menthol turns the bath into a spa-at-home recovery treatment. Senses and defenses are invigorated while skin is nourished and protected. You can feel a difference in just one bath.