Kerstin Florian debuts multi-benefit natural and organic collection for spa and retail

After forty trend-setting years in the spa wellness space, Kerstin Florian International now launch ANDA, a curated natural and organic skincare collection dedicated to vitality of skin and spirit. From the Swedish word for breath, ANDA represents more than a skincare regimen. The passion project of Kerstin Florian’s daughter Charlene, this collection embodies her dedication to wellness, natural ingredients, positivity and self-love in the form of ultra-effective products and self-care rituals.

Formulated with performance ingredients from land and sea chosen for their unique nutrient profiles, ANDA’s “vital nutrients” provide clinically-proven, visible results that improve not only complexion but skin wellness. Striking the ideal balance of form and function, these multi-benefit products can be used together to address specific needs and provide customized results. In fact, the line’s hero product, Coherence Elixir, not only offers skin-rejuvenating benefits on its own, but its cellular structure also enables it to enhance the performance of other products when used in combination.

Cruelty-free and vegan, ANDA’s introductory product line-up includes Coherence Elixir, Vitalessence Serum-Oil and Super Nutrient Balm, with additional launches planned throughout 2019. As part of the brand mantra “skin-friendly, animal-friendly, earth-friendly,” not only are ANDA products made with sustainable materials and production processes and recyclable, responsibly-sourced packaging, but a portion of brand profits will be donated to WeForest, a global charity dedicated to cleaner water, air and earth through its mission of planting 175 billion trees by 2030.

Says founder Kerstin Florian, “This line is meant to be shared. It’s a vessel for the wellness and self-love that Charlene championed. I’m thrilled and humbled to be able to present ANDA as my tribute to her.”


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